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Whether you're planning a 300 guest castle wedding, or a small intimate family gathering. Choosing the right photographer is crucial to preserve your wedding story.


Even though my work is highly customisable, most weddings follow a certain pattern:


  • Throughout your day, I will cover preparations, ceremony and natural occurring moments.

  • Couples portrait in a beautiful environment.

  • Delivers 300+  hi-resolution edited images. 

  • 3 hero shots delivered the day after, for social media etc.

  • Delivers all 2000+ pictures taken during the day (without retouch).

  • Delivers a private online gallery that's easy to share with guests & family. See example here.



  • Throughout your day, I will cover preparations, ceremony and natural occurring moments.

  • Delivers a 3+ minute highlight film. (length of a song of your choice). 


80% of my clients hire me for both photography & film.

Delivery time is up to 4 weeks during hi season. However it usually goes faster. All material is delivered digitally. 

Most of the times I work 10:00 - 23:00.


  • 2 500 euro (photo + video)

  • 2 100 euro (only photography)

  • 20% discount on weekdays

  • Payment is done after all material is delivered. 

  • Option to split up payment in parts.

  • Preferably book 1 - 1,5 years in advance, specially for high demand dates (saturdays during summer).

  • Send request to receive info about 2022 prices!

"Your wedding images & film will last you a lifetime, and will later pass on to your children. The same cannot be said about the wedding cake or what plates you use. Choose your wedding photographer with great care."

Josef Peyre

Don't hesitate to contact me so we can talk more, understanding your vision is key to a successful collaboration.

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I am based in Mallorca, Stockholm and Tulum, but take assignments all over the world. 

I speak fluent English, Spanish and Swedish.

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